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What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is now known as Google ads. It helps all types of business marketers to advertise their business services, products, and other information in Google’s top search result, and its search partner websites in text, image, and video form. Google offers advertisements on the top 3 or 4 results that are paid. About 90% of people click on the top 5 results. So you have a huge opportunity to increase traffic and leads through Google ads.

How to Advertise Your Business on "Google Search Result Page"?

If you are not aware of the Google search ads platform and still want to promote your business in Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and another platform then you don’t need to worry about it at all. We are here to help you. We have PPC Experts and provide PPC Freelance services at the lowest price. Call us 24*7 to hire Google Adwords expert for your business promotion. We are on Skype“amtsaxena”

How Google Shows Your Business Ads on Top Search Result?

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We Provide the Following Paid Advertising Services World-Wide:-
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Google Ads

Google Search Ads

Show your business ads on Google’s top search results and achieve huge traffic on your website as you wish. You can now promote products on Google’s top search results. You have full command to show your ads on your target location, target people, and target budget. Don’t know how? Hire Google AdWords Expert today. Add on Skype-  “amtsaxena”

Responsive Website Design

Google Display Ads

Google also offers Images advertisement on their partners and Adsense approved websites like blogs, news, and forum sites. You can get thousands of clicks on your website daily basis and increase the traffic and brand awareness at your target location and target audience. Start display network advertisement today. Contact us @ 91-8285241104 for information.

Youtube Ads

YouTube Ads

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine that is operated by Google itself and millions of queries are searched on it. So there are huge opportunities to show your business ads on Youtube videos and increase traffic and leads through it.
Don’t know how to advertise on Youtube? Contact PPC expert at @ +91-8285241104

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Do you want to show product ads on Google search results? If yes then Google shopping ad is for you. Now you can advertise products based ads directly on Google’s top search result and Google ads partner website. You can show your product images with the price and offers in your target local and target audience. It increases 100 times more sales on your website. Try it today. Don’t know how then hire PPC freelancer today.

Bing Ads

Bing is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and offers advertisement services with its search partner Yahoo. About 35% to 40% of people search the daily queries on it. So Bing is also a great platform to advertise your business services and products. You can easily target your audience in Bing and show your ads. It is easy and affordable compared to Google ads. So start Bing ads today. Contact Bing ads expert @ Skype- “amtsaxena”

Linkedin Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and it offers effective and affordable advertisement services for all kinds of business and products. On Facebook, you can target your audience based on your target location, job title, age group, interest, and many more. Facebook increases the website traffic and generates direct leads for your website by contact form. Contact us @ +91-8285241104  for more info.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is well-known for a professional profile creation website, Here a million professionals create their profile to show the work experience and business information. LinkedIn offers professional advertisement services where you can target the people according to the job profile, interest, income, company size, and target location. There are huge opportunities to convert leads and sales through LinkedIn Ads. If you don’t know how to start the advertisement on LinkedIn then contact us today.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter is well-known for short messaging websites and apps where millions of people share personal thoughts. All great personalities use twitter to share a message about their life, work, and business. People follow each other and share theirs though here. In this case, there is a nice opportunity to show the relevant ads on Twitter. It’s a nice opportunity to advertise on Twitter to get more responses on the website. Twitter offers ads at a reasonable price. You can increase website traffic and sales.

Amazon Ads

Amazon ads

Amazon is the world top e-commerce website and millions of products are sold on it daily basis. Amazon is a worldwide e-commerce shopping site where all kinds of products available. Amazon launched the advertisement of the products. You can see in the sidebar which is categorized the name: Features products. It also provides ads as a suggested product which are paid. If you are not aware of it then don’t worry. We provide Freelance Amazon ads at affordable price. Just call us. Add me on What’s App @+91-8285241104.

Hire PPC Expert (Adwords/Bing) | Call 91-8285241104

If you are looking for PPC expert for your business website paid promotion then you are now at the right place. We have 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and offer paid advertisement consultant for Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Amazon Ads. Just add me on Skype- amtsaxena and discuss with me in detail about your project.

We are a Professional PPC expert and know well how to set up Google ads account successfully. Google Ads account setup is not all the things to generate a quality lead. We have to optimize many more things according to your business and requirement. You know well these days a huge competition in the market and everyone wants to generate lead and sale through Google search. In this case, you need a professional Adword expert to manage your Google Ads account who invest low budget and generate high-quality leads.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Just add me on Skype “amtsaxena” and discuss all the things in details. We will analyze your business website and suggest your best ideas for Google Ads and others.

Hire PPC Expert

Amit Kumar is Google Adwords & Bing Ads Certified and having 7 Years of experience who work all niche websites like e-commerce, real estate, tour and travel, law, education, and others. We have worked for national & international clients like the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, UAE, and other countries.

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We Generate Potential Customers For your Business.

We generate genuine leads and sales in your limited budget. We have more than 8 years of experience in paid marketing. We know all the latest features of Google Ads which will help you to increase ROI.

We are a PPC expert and Know how to set up your account to generate leads and sales.

We Value your Time and  Budget.

  •  Save Yout Monthly Budget
  •  Transparency between us
  •  Generate Quality Lead
  • We do like the commitment to you.
  •  We have no hidden fee.

Our Success & Accomplishments Story

Our success is not in badges on us, but feathers in your cap.

  • We’ve helped eCommerce stores generate a higher number of orders and become profitable.
  • We have helped many eCommerce businesses to generate the lead.
  • We help you to design the landing pages and make user-friendly also.
  • We set up the remarketing campaign to generate better results on your website.

We are Google Certified :

Do you know? We are Specialized in Google Adwords: See our Certificate:

We have:

  • Total 8 +years Experience in Digital Marketing.
  • 200+ Project Work Experience.
  • We worked on Several Niche: Tour and Travel, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Education, Law, IT, Science, Game, and many more.
  • We are available 24*7 For you. You can ping me anytime.
  • No Hidden Fee
  • Pay Directly Through PayPal.
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Affordable Price than others.
  • Add me Skype “amtsaxena” and discuss all the things in detail.
  • You can add me on What’s App +91-8285241104
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See Our Google Certificates.

We do the Following for Campaign Optimization:-

conversion optimization

Conversion Optimization

We Regular Optimize the Campaign to Improve Conversion Rate within your Budget and Improve ROI.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

We Design Two Landing Page for A/B Testing and Work on best Proferming Landing Page to Generate more Conversion.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Test/Optimization

We optimize the landing page and make it user-friendly and search engine friendly and add a call to action text on it.

Google Adwords Group

Ad Grouping

We divide the ads in Adgroup according to website theme and services so that it performs better and increase the quality score of Ad Copy.

Audit Report

Account Audit

We audit regularly the whole account so that if any issues found then fix it instantly. We always provide the performance report of ads.

Google Analytics


We provide you analytics reports weekly and monthly. It helps us to optimize demography, device, location, conversion, and others.

What Do Our Clients Say?


They’ve helped us obtain 250% RIO on every penny spent on Google AdWords,They are easy to reach and always available for a call or what’s App Chat Support.



They literally helped increase our relevancy ratings and Quality Score metrics. Our click-through rate increased dramatically and our cost per click dropped



I liked that they asked a lot of questions to get to know our business and optimize our campaigns for our audience. Which helped reach our goals?



I got so much personal attention from Google Adwords Freelancer team.They have done absolute MAGIC with my campaigns & they are ALWAYS available to me.

Alina Zen

Our Pricing

Small and Local Business Large Business Local+ National Ecommerce Business All Social Campaign (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter )
5% of the total Budget 5% of the total budget 5% of the total budget 5 % of the total Budget.
(50 USD in Advance for Account Setup/ One time only) (50 USD in Advance for Account Setup/ One time only) (50 USD in Advance for Account Setup/ One time only) (50 USD in Advance for Account Setup/ One time only)

Note: Special Offer

If you do business more than 5 months then the Account setup price will be backed.

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